In 3,000 Years Will You And I Be Studied As “The Early Church?”

I do NOT presume to know that Jesus will not have returned bodily to the earth for another 3,000 years.


I DO believe that this kind of timing is a realistic possibility.

  • NOBODY on earth knows when Jesus will return.
  • NOBODY on earth knows that this will happen “soon” in any meaningful way.
  • NOBODY on earth knows that the times we are living in are “the last days.”
  • The “last days” of the Bible seem to have been the “last days” of Old Covenant Israel and have ALREADY HAPPENED.

So… What are we as Christians to be about now, in our day?

Discipling nations! Teaching them to obey EVERYTHING that Jesus commanded – Genesis to Revelation – with the Old Covenant interpreting the New, and the New Covenant interpreting and being greater than the Old.

The Kingdom of God is within us and among us and we are all about praying for and working towards “the kingdoms of this world have become the Kingdom of Our God…”

In one sense, this is ALREADY true – but just like in our individual salvation – there is a sense in which we WERE saved, a sense in which we are BEING saved, and a sense in which we WILL BE saved.

Being obsessed with the “end of the world” is a tragic mistake that has been made by Christians over and over again.

Neither you nor I nor anyone knows when that day is coming.

But we DO know what God wants us to be doing now.

Loving God, loving each other, loving our neighbor, living out God’s Kingdom in All Things.

And expecting to WIN!

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