The Self Fulfilling Nature Of End Times Obsession

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The Gospel Of Everything Podcast
The Self Fulfilling Nature Of End Times Obsession

#016 – When you see what is happening in the world do you feel that we must be living in the “end times?”

Surely, Jesus will be returning soon, right?

What effect does this have on the way you live your daily life?

If you have kids, what does this cause you to think and feel about their future?

What are the consequences in the world around us when we as Christians are focused on – even obsessed with – the end of the world?

In this episode I dive into the very real world consequences of a Christianity that is very obsessed with the coming end, and I discuss how an “everything is going to get worse and worse and worse” style end times obsession tends to be self fulfilling.

Can our end times obsession actually be causing (or allowing?) a world that looks like the very thing we are expecting to happen – a world sinking into horror?

I hope this episode gives you serious pause to think about these things; and I hope it lifts your spirit to a greater hope – to something more glorious than you’ve ever imagined – the manifestation of the Kingdom of God on earth both forever, and now!

Have a listen and then let me know what you think!

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