How To Change The World Without Killing Yourself

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How To Change The World Without Killing Yourself

#022 – Are you one of those types who want to change the world?

You are not satisfied with an “ordinary” life?

Maybe you are an entrepreneur or a ministry pioneer?  Or someone who wishes to excel in your career?

Or maybe you WERE those things, but now you are just disillusioned?

Whether the passion still burns strong or you aren’t sure you can take another step, this episode is for you.

I (Jon) am that “type” as well.

I have noticed that at least some of us who fit into this category have a tendency to neglect or not see the importance of “regular” things in our life.

We need help.

As a young man or woman (or young at heart who is still going!) who wants to step out and change the world in some way for God you will need equipping to prepare yourself to last for the long haul in this battle.

Sometimes, even more than others, we need to know that the Gospel applies to EVERYTHING – every area of our lives.

And we need to remember that His yoke is easy and His burden is light.

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