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Inspire, Disciple, Mobilize...

My name is Jon Davis Jr and I have been traveling to India since 1997.

If the whole Church lit on fire in a global revival tomorrow morning and all Christians poured out onto the streets to preach the Gospel there are still peoples that would not hear the Good News!

We call those people "unreached people groups."

The largest concentration of these peoples in the world live in India.

Every time I go to India I meet young people like Kamal.

Kamal had not even been a Christian for more than a couple of months when I met him!

He was in a ministry training class I taught in Vizag, India.

I still remember his zeal and curiosity.

I remember his stories of being persecuted by his family for becoming a Christian.

Since then I still correspond with Kamal.

He is pioneering a new evangelistic work in the far west of Nepal!

This is the kind of thing you and I can invest in together.

Real Kingdom Work changing real lives among those who are best situated to spread the Teachings of Christ to those in India who are outside of our normal reach!

Inspiring, discipling, and mobilizing the next generation of Christian leaders to fall in love with God and then find and fulfill their roles in worldwide Christian revival and reformation.

In October I return to India - Jaipur and Srikakulam - in search of more Kamals to train and send!

I want to keep telling you about the Ratnas and Sagars and Kamals and Rickys and Margraets of India that we are moblizing together!

Will you help me go back this October with a generous tax-deductible donation?

You send me, I go!


Jon Davis Jr.

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Bon voyage!


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October 13, 2019 - Jaipur Accomplished - On To Srikakulam! - Fundraiser Continues

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Greetings Prayer Warrior!

Jaipur Classroom: Day 1

Class started late. Projector refused to work. Tech problems. Confusion over who is supposed to be translating.

Jon is flustered, stumbles through to deliver good content the best that he can.


I looked at Sam and Esha (pictured above) several times and they looked bored and a bit confused.

I called my wife. I alerted the prayer team.

I spent some time in focused prayer.

Day 2

Projector works! Still translation confusion, but my spirit was full and overflowing.

Good content, inspiration. Sam and Esha (the two who needed translation - everybody else understood English) seemed more alert and interested.

Days 3-5

Students are getting it! Sam and Esha are always looking directly at me and paying alert attention the whole time each day.

They begin to ask good questions and have lengthy interruptions and conversations with the school leader, Anima to make sure they understood.

I often see Sam nodding and looking very encouraged and enlightened as the Worldview of The Kingdom of God unfolded day by day.

They both gave great feedback at the end and shared thoughts that showed they GOT it!

I remember Esha (who generally talked less than her husband Sam) sharing about how she was impacted by the idea that being a "minister" or "pastor" is not the only way to serve God, but that we can also serve him by being artists, lawyers, workers, business people, etc..

It was a good week, even with the difficulties.

Thank you for praying!

I am currently at an "in between" city on my way to the next location (having a day off in a decent hotel over looking the Bay of Bengal - praying for no hurricanes. 😉 ).

Tomorrow Pastor Mohan (a former staff at a location I taught in several times over the years) will pick me up and take me to Srikakulam for an "outside the mission center" week of Kingdom Work, including these:

I will also be speaking at a baptism (I think) and possibly (if safe) in an open air outreach.

And ending the week with a 3 day seminar in a church on Christian Worldview!

I appreciate your continued prayers - please stay focused and stand with me to the end!


Jon Davis Jr
Working For A Living Through The Gospel Guy

P.S. The fundraiser continues, I am still believing God for full funding for this trip. See the latest status here: https://sendjon.com

Send Jon To India!

October 1, 2019 - I Leave Tomorrow! I Need YOU On My Team!

Hi Prayer Warrior,

I leave tomorrow for India!

Thank you to all of my friends and partners who have donated and otherwise shown support.

Thank you to those who have joined the prayer team for this trip.

I do still need your help!

We are just past half way there on the fundraiser.

Can you help get me to India (and back!) ??

If you would like to give, please go here:  https://sendjon.com

You can see the current status at that site and make a donation.

If you would like to give but cannot do so immediately, please respond to this message and let me know how and when you can help.

Prayer Requests:

  • Safe travels
  • Safety and provision for my wife
  • All the funds/provision to come in
  • My health
  • All those things needed for the process and experience of travel
  • For God to prepare my heart, mind, spirit, and body to teach and preach
  • No troubles with immigration, customs, police, government in general
  • Any other way the Lord leads you to pray

Thank you so much for receiving and reading my emails!  You are very important to me!

In Christ,

Jon Davis Jr
Very Relaxed But Much-To-Do Guy

P.S.  I'm not sure when I will be able to message you again

Donations:  https://sendjon.com

Postal Mail:  Write your check out to "Worldwide Awakening Ministries" and mail to:

Worldwide Awakening Ministries
Disciple India Project 2019
3230 Sycamore Road #139
DeKalb,   IL   60115-9621

September 26, 2019 - 🚀  Send Kamal By Sending Jon - India Trip October 2019 Update  🚀

Hello Prayer Warrior!

I just got done messaging with Kamal (an alumni whom I've referred to in previous messages - he is pictured above).

He is going with a team to Western Nepal to begin a new work on October 16th!

He and I plan to meet for breakfast on the 14th to get caught up.  I'm excited about this.  🙂  I look forward to learning all about it!

I will be on a brief layover in the city where I met him a couple of years ago!

In my work it often takes years to know what kind of fruit has been produced, so it is always encouraging to see young men like Kamal rise up.

So far I've raised 45% of budget for this trip.

I'm still believing God for the miracle!

Are YOU the miracle?

Please visit https://sendjon.com

At the very least, you have to watch the newer video on that site that I worked so hard to make.  🙂

That site has been updated from it's original form to be a "GoFundMe" like campaign.

Will you send me so that I can send more Kamal's to the nations?

I leave October 2nd.

Thank you for being a part of my team!

In Jesus,

Jon Davis Jr
Sent To Be A Sender Guy

September 17, 2019 - Ride To The Airport

Greetings Prayer Warrior!

I spent last week at a very valuable conference.

It basically ended up being a “Christian Worldview of Business” conference for me.

Very fitting for me as I’m about to head off to India to teach on Christian Worldview, "business" being one of many aspects.  😊

Some of my students will go on to be full time in “vocational ministry” like myself.

Some will become Christian Business leaders, Spreading The Garden Of Eden To The World!

This THRILLS me to no end.

On October 2nd at about 5:00pm I need to be in a vehicle headed for Ohare Airport.

If you think you might be a part of the solution to that it could save $100 to $150.

Let me know!

There is still the need / opportunity to raise a bunch of the provision for this trip.

Because of the conference I did not get my fundraiser page setup in a timely fashion.  ☹

Hopefully between today and tomorrow I can finish that and get out a clear update on how much is still needed.

If you would like to see the other update and make a donation go to https://sendjon.com

More coming soon as that page will update!

Be Blessed!

Jon Davis Jr
Very Close To Leaving For India Guy

August 22, 2019 - A Video Update - Disciple India 2019

Greetings Prayer Warrior!

What is happening with India 2019 Trip?

Here it is!

>> http://sendjon.com/08212019 <<

You are important to the vision!

Be Blessed,

Jon Davis Jr
Facebook Video Ministry News Guy

August 13, 2019 - Open Air Evangelism Event?


Pastor Mohan And His Wife Naomi

Greetings Prayer Warrior,

I was just chatting with Mohan last night.

Mohan was a school staff member at a YWAM school I taught at several years ago.

Now he is a pastor.

He has invited me to come and preach and teach in his hometown in Srikakulam in India.

This is what he is working on:

  • A Youth Event
  • A Pastor’s Gathering
  • An Open Air Evangelism Crusade
  • Church Services
  • Other Gatherings

Sounds like an exciting week. 😊

Please pray for Mohan and I as we work out the details.

The fundraiser continues!

We need to raise several thousand dollars asap to get started (total trip cost usually falls between $4,000.00 and $6,000.00).

But about $3,500.00 is needed right away to setup core airfares / hotels / transportation / etc.

Plus my Indian Visa has expired so I need to get a new one.

Will you help me take the Gospel and the Kingdom to India this October with a gift according to your faith and ability?

I haven’t set up a GoFundMe yet this year (do you think I should?).

But donations can be made here: https://worldwideawakening.org/donate

Or the old fashioned way. Write your check out to “Worldwide Awakening Ministries” and mail it to:

Worldwide Awakening Ministries
Disciple India 2019
3230 Sycamore Road #139
DeKalb, IL 60115-9621

Be Blessed!

Jon Davis Jr
Open Air Gospel Preacher Guy 😊

P.S. If you plan on helping me go it would be very, very helpful as we make decisions to know what your intentions are, even if you aren’t sending your gift immediately. Could you reply to this email and let me know? Blessings!

July 27, 2019 - Announcing Disciple India Trip 2019 Fundraiser

Greetings Prayer Warrior!

This is me, announcing the beginning of the Disciple India 2019 Trip Fundraiser!


You and I were blessed to hear the Gospel.

Many of us at a young age.

Imagine going your whole life, NEVER hearing the Gospel in an understandable way!

This is among the reasons that I focus so much energy on India.

The need is great there.

It is still possible to go your whole life without really having a clear chance to hear, receive faith, and be born again!

The plan is to be there in October teaching in a missionary training school in Jaipur and then to be doing some training with church groups and pastors in different cities.

The information will unfold as time goes along.

I will need to raise between $4,000.00 and $6,000.00 for the trip, depending on some factors that are not yet in concrete.

But I need to start now, because I will want to jump on a good price for the major international airfare part asap.

Will you be a part of preparing for this endeavor with your best donation? (according to your faith and ability)


Or for old fashioned checks:

Write you check to "Worldwide Awakening Ministries" and mail to:

Worldwide Awakening Ministries
Disciple India 2019
3230 Sycamore Road #139
DeKalb, IL 60115-9621

Let us together MOBILIZE Indians for The Harvest!


Jon Davis Jr
Disciple India Guy

P.S. If you need a suggestion on amount: Every trip we receive many $200s, $250s, $500s, a couple of $1000+, and usually one large donor, and a number of various. In other words, do what the Spirit enables and empowers you to have the faith to do.

P.P.S. What do you think about the GoFundMe pages I have used for the past years? Has that helped? Do you like seeing the updated amounts and etc. on that page? I am trying to decide whether or not to use GoFundMe this year. Your thoughts?

P.P.P.S If you know you are going to do something but cannot send it immediately, it would be very helpful if you would reply to this email and let me know.

June 7, 2019 - A Journey Is Bubbling Up - October Might Be The Month To Turn India Sideways

Greetings Prayer Warrior!

I hope this message finds you well. 😊

I am currently working on an October India trip!

There are basically 4 locations that want me to come.

  • Jaipur
  • Guwahati or Shillong (which would be a whole new region for me!)
  • Srikakulam – near Vizag where I have been before
  • An invitation that could span a number of places

Please pray with me for wisdom to discern the best Kingdom Investment at this time.

You and I have to keep sowing the seeds of the Foundations of the Kingdom of God in India!

Thank you for all the help you have been.


Jon Davis Jr
Gazing Towards India Guy

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